AWI QCP program announcement

October 18, 2018

To our valued customers,

In 2017 Masonite Architectural made the decision to discontinue our participation in the AWI QCP program across our US Masonite Architectural facilities. In order for Masonite Architectural to continue to meet all of the requirements of AWI QCP, it was necessary to continue to assume many of the functions of our distributor partners, which is disruptive and costly to the entire delivery chain.

With the acquisition of the Graham and Maiman wood door companies, we will now discontinue the AWI QCP programs out of our Mason City, IA and Springfield, MO facilities.

As such, we are providing more clarity around the relevant dates associated with Masonite Architectural’s Graham and Maiman series of wood doors participation in the QCP program:

  1. Masonite Architectural will accept Graham and Maiman orders or LOI’s for QCP registered jobsthrough 12/14/18. Doors for all accepted orders must be shipped by 02/28/19.
  2. As of today, no new quotes will be accepted for new QCP projects
  3. For jobs that require QCP certification but will not include an order or LOI prior to 02/28/19,your TSM will gladly work with you to meet with the architect and other constituents to explaintheir options / alternatives.

We will continue to manufacture products to the Architectural Woodwork Institute standards upon request, and will also continue to utilize as our primary standards, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association WDMA IS 1-A and WDMA IS 6-A. A letter of compliance which substantiates that our projects, when specified and ordered accordingly, will meet or exceed Quality Standards set forth in the current AWS (Architectural Woodwork Standards) Edition 2 and published jointly by AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute), AWMAC (Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers of Canada), WI (Woodwork Institute).

Thanks for your partnership, and please contact your TSM with any questions.

Best Regards,

Vice President of Sales
Masonite Architectural